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Meet the people behind Pacific Grove Residential Estates. Sorry, our pictures don't do us justice. A lot of people say that we ought to be in the movies!

Seriously, our company, G-Square Property Development, has been a property developer for the past twenty years. We concentrated most of our projects in Manila, more on Quezon City and New Manila. But when everyone and their brother-in-law started making fly by night condos, we moved on to Tagaytay.

Our priority is providing our clients with quality homes without the headaches and the worries. We give everyone an honest opinion on how much everything will cost so that there will be no surprises when they get the bill.

Our subsidiary, GSN+P, is responsible for the overall design and theme of our Tagaytay project. They did all of the designs for the model units, clubhouse, interior and furniture designs. Our design company has done a lot of interior and facade works for restaurants, houses and office spaces. We're still doing the website for the design group, so watch out for that! You should visit our interactive model units and be captivated with our cool designs.

We try to give our prospective buyers the BEST VALUE for their hard-earned money. All of the materials that we use to build the structure of our homes are top quality. Our construction company makes sure all of the units are well built and on time!

One good thing about our overall project is our company's hesitance to use a property broker to do the advertising and marketing. Some charge as high as an unbelievable 10% of the purchase price. Instead of paying a broker, we pass all the savings to the homeowners! Neat, no?

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